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,” said Lucilla, “but I’m sure he’s nothing like Bigourdin. He can’t be. And his hotel can’t be like this. It’s the queerest hotel I’ve ev

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er struck. It’s run by such unimaginable people. I think I’ve lost my heart to all of you. There’

s Bigourdin, there’s Félise, the dearest and most delicate little soul in the world, the daughter of a remarkable mystery of a man, there are Baptiste and Euphémie and Marie, the chambermaid, who seem

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  • too great a temptation. Besides,” she added, “I
  • have explored the town this morning. I
  • went round with Monsieur Bigourdin.” “He is very prou
  • d of Brant?me,” said Martin. She dismiss
  • ed Brant?me. “I have lost my heart to him. He is so
  • big and comfortable and honest, and he talks hi
  • story like a poetical professor with the manne
  • rs of an Embassy attaché. He’s unique

among landlords.” “I love Bigou

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to exude desire to fold me to their bosoms whenever I meet them, and there is yourself, an English University man, an exceedingly comp


etent waiter and a perfectly agreeable companion.” The divinity crowned with a little sealskin motoring toque which left unhidden th


e fascination of her up-brushed hair, cooed on deliciously. The knees of Martin, leaning against the parapet, became as water. H

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sire to kneel at her feet on the concrete floor of the terrace. Then he noticed that between her feet and the cold concrete floor there was no protecting footstool. He fetched one from the

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dining room and had the felicity of placing

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it for her and readjusting the rugs. “I s

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uppose you’re not going to be a waiter here all your life,” she said. He signified that the hypot

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hesis was correct. “What are you going to do?” It was in his awakened imagination to say: “Follow you to the ends of the e

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arth,” but common sense replied that he did not know. He had made no plans. She suggested that he might tra

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  • vel about the wide world. He breathed an inwar

  • d sigh. Why not the starry firmament? Why not, rainb

    d to t
  • ow-winged and golden spear in hand, swoop, a bright

    he same family for g
  • Archangel, from planet to planet? “You ought to see

    enerations. Ther
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    Egypt,” she said, “and feel what a speck of time you are when the centuries look down on you. It’s wholesome. I’m going early in the New Year. I go there and try to paint the desert; and then I sit down and cry—which is wholesome too—for me.” Before Martin’s inner vision floated a blurred picture of camels and pyramids and sa

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    nd and oleographic sunsets. He said, infatuated: “I would give my soul to go to Egypt.” “Egypt is well worth a soul,” she laughed. Words and reply were driven from his head by the sight of a great splotch of grease on the leg of his trousers. A dress suit worn daily for two or three months in pursuit of a waiter’s avocation, do

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    es not look its best in stark sunlight. Self-conscious, he crossed his legs, as he leaned against the parapet, in order to hide the splotch. Then he noticed that one of the studs of his shirt had escaped from the frayed and blackened buttonhole. Again he felt her humorous eyes upon him. For a few moments he dared not meet them. When h

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    e did look up he found them fixed caressingly on the Pekinese spaniel, which had slipped upon its back in the hope of a rubbed stomach, and was waving feathery paws in pursuit of her finger. A moment’s reflection brought heart of grace. Greasy suit and untidy stud-hole must have been obvious to her from his first appearance on the te

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invitation to converse was proof that she disregarded outer trappings, that she recognised the man beneath the soup-stained raiment. He uncrossed his legs and stood upri

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e gras, just like Bigourdin, and is a well-known authority on the prehisto

ric antiquities of the Dordogne. He once went to London,
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for a day; and what do you
think was his object? To inspect the collection of flint instruments at the Guil
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